Bamboo Dog Drying Towel

Bamboo Dog Drying Towel

Collared Creatures Bamboo Dog Drying Towel

Bamboo dog drying towels help to remove wet dog smell

Are Eco friendly

Bamboo has antibacterial qualities

Our dog drying towels are made from Bamboo cloth Bamboo is renowned for its absorption qualities, is highly water absorbent and able to hold 3 times its weight in water.

Bamboo is a natural textile made from the pulp of Bamboo grass. Is easily replenished and requires no pesticide to grow.

Bamboo is considered to be one of the most sustainable plants because it grows quickly and does not require chemicals or irrigation. 

3 colours available 

Size: 140cm x 70cm

Convenient side pockets to hold the towel in place while you dry your dog

Machine washable