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We offer many different types of grooms to which will depend on the breed and coat type along with what the owner would like. If you need an advise on grooming please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the options. 

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At Ribble Valley Paws we know some dogs may need training to enjoy being groomed and lots of praise, not all dogs will stand perfectly still for an hour whilst being touched on every body part so we aim to make every dog comfortable. If your dog isn't comfortable with being groomed please get in touch and we can talk about different methods to help gain their confidence back. All grooming is one to one.

We offer 

  • Hand Stripping - wire haired and soft coated breeds 

  • Clipping 

  • Hand Scissoring 

  • De-shed for the double coated breeds 

  • Nail Trimming 

  • Teeth Cleaning with Ultrasound Toothbrush 

  • Puppy Intro - before 6 months old

All grooms will include a bath with two shampoo's to get the dogs coat really clean, blast and blow dry, styling, ear cleaning, nail clipping and some pawfume. You can add extra's such as teeth cleaning, ear hair removal or any other special requirement. 

Please note we do not empty anal glands as this should be done by a vet or vet nurse. 

All prices are different for each dog depending on the breed and what is required. Feel free to get in touch for a free quote at or you can find us on Facebook! 

Here's a rough estimate of our prices below.

Cleany Teeth Price List